Day 7



How do You feel about me? Is it anything like how the dogs have come to the door twice hoping to find someone’s arrival? Like you just can’t wait to see me? You’re so excited to be with me? Be still with me? Lavish love on me at this table prepared with nothing but my expectancy? This may be my shortest letter yet, but will you show me. Psalm 6 in the message version really stick out to me in the 1-2 verses. I long for no more yelling and I feel starved for affection. Starved for it deep, deep down in my weary. Heart. Soul. Aching toe.

Will You show me how You feel about me again until it sinks in?
I know I keep asking. But please?

your tender haired girl. 
Ps. Thank you. 

Letters From A Tender Haired Girl.

(Previous letter from my novel or non fiction story in progress. Planning on getting these in an order so it’ll be easier to follow. But for now, enjoy the previous letter. You can see others at the link at bottom of posts.) 


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