Day 9



It is silence from You while I’m sitting here sobbing that may be the biggest gift today. The fact that You are listening to me as I listen to the melody that is moving me to listen. I’m tired. And here come the tears again. I’m tired of these tears that come when I least expect them – the hurt I feel for my family. I’m broken. How do you look on this and not want to get angry? But you are the God of mercy. The division is too — much for me. The hostility. 
Come, Lord. With your love & comfort for me. Now, I just want to sleep. 


your tender haired girl 

Ps. Thank you for being near my broken heart and the space to cry. I wish I could feel your arms. 


Fmf prompt: silence. — is where the timer stopped. 

Part of Nanowrimo project: Letters From A Tender Haired Girl. (Previous letter found here with previous letters at bottom of post. 


4 thoughts on “11/10/17

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  2. Stillness in the presence of God allows the soul to be present- “I listen to the melody that is moving me to listen.” May peace that passes all understanding guard your heart during this time of uncertainty.

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