Day 14



I have no excuse not to tell you how I feel. And honestly? Confused. Hurt. Mystified. These aren’t words that accurately describe it. I hate that I think I hurt her feelings with how I feel about marriage. I hurt with the way I view marriage. Like its not worth it. You are going to wind up hurting each other or divorced. And you know where that leaves your kids? Confused. Hurt. Starving. And bringing all that hurt into other relationships. And it’s not like I want to believe this. 

five minute Friday prompt: excuse 

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3 thoughts on “11/17/17

  1. I’m next door to you in the FMF linkup today (#44). I always appreciate the truthfulness of your posts. Issues of the heart can be very difficult to talk about even with people we are close to. There can be so much subtext, past experiences, wrong teaching … we really need God’s grace when we have these conversations because we’re not always going to get it right. Thanks for writing.

    • Thank you, Jeannie. It’s also very hard to come to grips with what you believe and realize how wrong it is. But God is definitely showing me his grace through a friend, his patience. His hope.

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