Day 16



I want to find You here,

my portion & my strength 

even as I cry tears that are 

so much a flood. I don’t see

how I, Your broken little girl,

am beautiful. 

The sorrow presses on my 

heart as if 

I’m still a seed buried in soil. 

It’s dark here, Lord. It’s becoming all I 

know. But 

as sure as the sun will shine

through the kitchen window, 

You will love me through this 

salty falling on my pillow. Be with me 

now, Emmanuel. 

I will never be the same as You

hold me as the child I am. 

Carry me to a place of peace

where I put to rest these beliefs-I will 

never be enough. I must earn love or it 


Let me remember how You broke through 

my sorrow, how You love me best. Come 

quickly, Abba. I know when I call, You 

hear me. May the words I speak now,

reach Your ears. Do not hide Yourself 

from my suffering. It is too much & I am 


tired.  Meet me here,

reminding me we’ve got this hope You do 

not abandon 

regardless of feelings. 

You see everything here

and can make good from 

the miserable. We will always

be with You, the Lord. Mighty

One who saves. You are here.

The God who sees, of all comfort. Near to

the broken hearted and crushed in spirit,

sing Your night song over again. Calm 

every fear, still 

every lie waiting in loom 

to entrap me. Come in 

the valley with a smile

warm enough to relax 

the winter from my heart. 

Man of sorrows, show me

You see me. All this pain. 

All this division. Be gentle, 

please, You who is full of

compassion and abounding 

in love. Mercy-

Come with Your rescue. 

I can’t outrun Your love,

this I know. But how my 

soul aches now. 

Anchor of hope,

I am tethered with

Your love as the knot.

Do not let go, let me be

grateful for Your love now,

that You catch my tears in

a bottle. They are precious

to You, my need for You steady

into the glass. It goes, down.

down. down. Watering around

this stone of dead expectations, dreams,

my identity. I beg of You,

roll away the stone. Let me

see greenery-not of envy but

life flowering.  


your tender haired girl 

ps. I place my hope in You, my steadfast friend. Come. 

previous letter from letters from a tender haired girl found here


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