Day 22



This is going to be a poem
letter. Thank you for Your love
not in what You give — physically.
yes, but getting to encourage
makes me feel better. And so does
This playlist. Clearly You are telling
Me something about lifting me up &
Singing though at this moment I
Feel sick. Thank You laughter finds
Me with friends even in grief around—
Thank you for time to watch a show
With my mom and sister and the
Vanila Frappe I know came from sister.
You know how to get me good. Keep my eyes
On You. Your love. I’m soaking it up as if it is
An endless supply of moosquick (Nesquik)—
A little strength & sweetness. I love you.
Have I told You lately? You are delightful.
Also, if my word for next year is favor,
You are hilarious. And if my moo is
Serious about being so in tune with
You – makes sense how I see it every
Where. EVERYWHERE I tell You.
Also makes me want to read that book
I just did that study of for a few days.
I dont need more books though. Nope.
I want them though, but don’t need them.
It is just a longing for You. Presence.
Lord, help me encounter You. Your
Smile.  Help me see Your favor on me.
Thank You for helping me #beatdepression

Your tender haired girl

previous letter of letters from tender haired girl. 


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