Day 25



Through Your eyes
I am no victim. I am
Your Beloved. I am
precious & honored
in Your sight. I am
surrounded with a shield
of favor. Let the loudest
voice I hear today be Yours.
I’ve heard Your kindness
through my brother in the
early morning the past two
days. Before work today &
after yesterday, he comes
In my room & whispers he
loves me & walks away.
Except today, he came
in again to tell me he met
Jack Black. He sings part
of The School of Rock,
apologizes for waking me
up, but he thought I’d like
to know. I did, it’s part of
our youth. He doesn’t know
my heart is broken. For friends.
For myself. For our family, though
I know You’re working all things
for good. For You are deeply
concerned for us. I’m lost.
Lord, in how You keep
Coming ip to my face,
hey, I love you. Look
at the things I brought
right on time. A special
package from a friend,
The study guide you’ve
been waiting on, a prayer
Vox from another, dark chocolate
Twix from your mom, a blog post
From another friend. Delight in them,
My child It’s okay. I know you’re afraid,
but I’m here all the same. I’m not leaving
Or forsaking you. There is more goodness,
Delight to come. Get ready for the flood.

Lord, help me receive what You just said.
Your favor is on me even in the. Help me

your tender haired girl

previous letter from letters from a tender-haired girl found here


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