Day 27



I love how You come through
in music, the gentle whisper:
You are loved right on time.
Give Me the fighting words
I gave you. You will fight for me.
I need only be calm. You will raise
me up high above my enemies, so
I may praise You. You bring me out
into a spacious place because You
delight in me. You restore all the
locusts have eaten. You give me
a double portion for my shame,
friends who see more than I am.
who speak the truth: love looks
beautiful—look at the fruit He is
growing within you. The patience—
the same You extend to nw with
an echo: you’re never giving up.
the same echo she said giving me
an article—He’s always with you,
He will give you, His weary one,
strength—could You be this good?
Gracious Father, keep my face up,
my ears open wide to laughter,
my healing song,

Your tender haired girl

Ps. Thank You for reminding it’s going to be alright. It reminds me of driving through Texas and singing along with Sara Groves and Trisha going along with it. Some of the best memories. I think I really like singing. Sitting at the table. On the floor. In the car. I lose myself. Every time. Just like I am now. Thank You for anticipatory happiness turned in the moment happiness opening The Shack book packages together and laughter and butterflies and ladybugs. Thank You I didn’t explode the dishwasher and figured out where the pod thingy goes, I think. Thank You for Anna, who surprised me with a song this morning. I love those and how she can see You are changing me. Slowly, but surely. If the Netherlands weren’t so far, I’d hug her and probably sing a lot. The peppermint mocha from Sarah.Splitting the sushi with Nolan. So much goodness. LORD. I don’t know how You do it in the midst of such confusion, but I love You so.

Your love came down & lifted me. Don’t stop please.


previous letter from letters from a tender haired girl found here.


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