Day 34



Be the loudest voice 

amongst all the doubt

& fear swirling within,

wrapping me like a skin–

this skin– holding a heart. 

The way I find my body

randomly trembling, my feet

shake wonder if I will find

You, make me wonder how

I am wonderfully made.

Come be who You are. 

Come show me the beauty 

You see, come show the beauty

when You look at me. I place my hope in 

Your lovingkindness, O

Lord. Do not leave me. 

If you fall, You say, I’ll 

lift you. Your head won’t 

always hang low. I AM 

mighty to show you the 

light of your love, My face. 

Show me You’re never giving up, Lord. 

Show me I am loved

in a multitude of ways today. 

Like my sister doing the Macarena to 

Mannheim steam roller that made me 

laugh until tears wanted fall, or the fudge 

recipe from a friend that helps me taste 

and see You are good. 

And now maybe a nap since I am falling 

asleep writing this. 

Every battle is Yours, Lord,

but especially this: to believe

I am worth time to You. I am 

loved with nothing to show in

my hands, but eyes open to 

watch Your lips echo my name. 

My exhale a sound of surviving,

finally receiving Your nearness 

no longer as anger. 


your tender haired girl. 

Previous letter found here


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