Day 35



Love has a way 

to show me the one thing 

I know: the memory of me 

standing in the kitchen with

both of them fighting to take 

off my coat & me reveling the 

attention even though it was angered. 

You were there watching me look at the 


& white tiles, wondering why I 

felt I had to grow up when I wanted to be 

a child. I am 

no victim now because You

hold my hand & show me

You’ve always seen me this way. You are 

more than I am-

more love where I have known 

loss. Fear where I have felt not

enough. Laughter where tears wet my 

face. Let my soul speak, He maketh no 


This space where the silence is

thick, I believe He hasn’t forgotten my 

face. His ears 

are open to my grief. His kindness will 

find me here 

in this darkness, this shelter 

of His wings. I am as the little 

magnolia reaching to light, let 

me feel the countenance, the warmth of 

Your face. Here, I am 

safe, seen in the words I pave

without a sound. Let Your songs

of deliverance come 

lift my troubled frown. 

your tender haired girl 
previous letter found here


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