Day 36



Let my soul 

feel a thrill of hope

of You coming to be

with me. Your joy filling 

my heart, praise rising 

to the top, spilling over

& out. Let fighting words

come: I will be still & know 

You are God. You will be exalted

over all the earth. You are making me 

new. You fight 

for me as I am still. You are 

faithful and true. I was fearfully

& wonderfully made in my mother’s 

womb. Your plans for 

me are for peace, not disaster. You can 

lift up my head, letting

comfort bring healing to me.

Bless you, child. Listen close 

to my healing song for you. Let

Me calm every fear. I will hold You to my 

chest. You can rest. 

Hear me whisper: I want to keep my eyes 

on You, be free.

Let love be the loudest voice 

to turn me from fear, condemnation. We 

will feast 

in the house of Zion one day, Lord. A 

table spread with corn 

& bread & asparagus & maybe 

a river of Nesquik will be fresh beyond 

the table. You will take 

a cup to draw me glass, place the 

chocolaty goodness before me. I will look 

at You with a smile saying, You are 

wonderful. Not just because of the glass 

of delight, but how You are longing to 

share it with me anyhow. No special 

occasion, but because you want to be with 

me, Emmanuel. 

I place my hope Christmas will

remind me. 

Be near me. 


Your tender haired girl 

Previous letter found here.  


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