Days 44-45



I’ll be alright. 

I may be confused 

by Your silence (maybe 

just me), but You are still

patient & kind. You are still 

holding out Your hand, ready

to twirl me round & round. Because what 

is better but to dance in gratitude? You 

teach me to be grateful that I am not

in control, even if I’d like to be. 

Yes, I’m in control of my tongue & 

thoughts but only You can say when

things start & end. When to give & take 

away. Only You come right on time with 

open arms with enough love 

to engulf all that is broken. Only You 

make everything beautiful again. Only 

You can sing a love song medley that 

calms all my fears. Tells me it will be 

alright. You will be holding my hand. You 

will be my light. What a friend, You are. 

The way You listen to my fear. I don’t 

know where we are going, Abba. I am 

afraid of love – that kind where my soul is 

find in the reflection of another. It is 

going to be alright – to know the current 

underneath my skin of fear –

I’m not alone here. I’m allowed

to not know what is going to happen, but

I can trust You,

Father, You know what I need 

when I need it. You get the glory. And I 

get to rest in Your favor & say, that’s my 


Let it be,

Your tender haired girl

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