Days 46-47



I really like how You put on Ellie. I really think You do it on purpose sometimes because You know I’ll listen. Oh yeah, put on Beckah Shae. You know all I think of is Kallayah doing the wink clap thing. And now Ellie singing about how I’m loved even though I disobeyed you today. 

Please open the bottle I know You collect my tears in. 

I’m sorry. I’m going to cry a river. Oh yay, more Ellie. 

Help me to stand on the promise that You are holding my right hand. Help me to know that even if I lose my grip You won’t let go. 

Can You breathe new life into this mess I’ve made?
My portion and my strength, I need You. Heart hurts so much. 


Your tender-haired girl 

Ps. Thank you for the Voxes from Kallayah in the middle of this. Thank you for your love. 

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