Day 48


Quiet my heart,

Lord. You are mighty,

a comfort, my comfort 

in times of confusion &

wonder. Simplify my speech 

today so I can hear the pain, but take no 

offense. Help me rest in Your arms and 

speak what needs to be said and forget 

the rest. I am afraid of the way my flesh 

aches for revenge that is not mine to 

take. But You are the One who

brings jus(tice) & hope I can never muster 

on my own. It is raining – I know it means 

Your blessing – let it soften this wounded 

heart. I’m so tired of fighting to be seen, 

heard. Show me how to give healing as I 

receive from Your heart. Give us a new 



Your tender haired girl 

Fmf: simplify. 

Previous letter found here. 


One thought on “1/12/18

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