Day 51



Do you know 

what a gift it was 

to sing with the dog

sitting by my side?

He sat there and listened 

about how You won’t let me

go & like a skin You are shedding the dry, 

cracked pieces that do not bring life. 

The pride, the bitterness, the 

the jealousy. I need not, want not. 

I laughed to myself, the 

way the happiness lifted me 

just sitting with him for however long 

until he laid on my lap in surrender. 

It was beautiful even 

though the day was grey.

Thank You for knowing me

and seeing me today in all 

of the quiet and gentle and unsureness of 

this day. The little sparks, laughter, 10-4 

good buddies. Thank You for the way You 

love me. 


Your tender haired girl 

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