Day 52-53



It is the simple

joy of a Monterey Jack 

grilled cheese sandwich

cut into triangles  

& extra tomato soup with 

a pickle that make me want  

to say thank you. Thank You

for the beginning again with a

friend even as I am still afraid 

& it is slow. It makes me have 

to lean on You – trust You. Thank You for 

the prayers from friends – heys, how are 

yous & cinnamon roll pics – the time with 

mom, watching a documentary about 

Chicago – making me want to have maybe 

3 friends who know me well after 40 

some years. Who have 

walked though mundane, grief & joyful 

overflow. Who’s hugs feel like home & 

laughter fills my soul. Please, Lord. Let it 

be so. – thank You for the snow. And the 

way the sun danced on the floor as it was 

going down.  

& this quiet now. For holding my fear and 

helping me rest in You. 


Your tender haired girl. 

Ps. I’d like some joy tomorrow (or actually since it is tomorrow), too. Please. Thank you. 

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