Day 60



I’m writing this to You while the cat is kneading my neck. Oh wait, now she is gone. She teaches me so much about presence. And this photo:

So much precious. Ahh. There’s much I want to tell you. 

1. Thank you for friends I can send random things to and share my heart with. 

2. 7 days and and a few more hours until SKIT GUYS WITH MEGAN. Please let this whole thing be better than I’ve asked or imagined. Especially the road trip part, okay whole thing. Please & thank you again. Surprise away. Thank You for giving me the push to ask and Dad being excited to help with a hotel. And Megan taking off time to do this. Don’t let me forget anything from this time, open me to receive it. 

3. Thank you for the reminder of the love of family and a new friendship with Kelly that has brought laughter and prayer and romance movies (never thought I could watch those again), singing, good food and learning about each other. And book recommendations/books with highlights given accidentally (that was no accident, God. You know I love seeing what touches others) 

4. A graze box. Seriously snacks in a box hand selected for me. And the inside says YAY. it’s a slice of happy every month. Can’t wait for a full 8 snacks next month. And thank you for Sarah, who let me try a free box this month. I wish I didn’t eat it so fast though. I love that it’s so easy for me to grab and open on my own and savory/sweet snacks I’d probably never have alone. 

5. Emailing my boss lady, Trisha. I love that I can just unload all of my thoughts in an email about what you are doing in my life and know everything is out there and my heart is seen, known.

Thank you for taking my list of gratitude. 


your tender haired girl. 


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