Day 63



We can agree

this playlist takes me 

all the way back to sitting 

in my mom’s childhood room,

arranging and rearranging these songs I 

needed to voice

grief I had words for, but never 

felt like home. I needed to be carried

away, set down, told everything will be 

okay. It will

be okay. And the strange thing is, I still 

need that today. That place, her coming 

to check on me, call me for chili, made 

me feel loved in ways I still don’t 

understand. I didn’t know that summer 

would be it. The last time I’d aww

Fmf: agree. 

This week has had one of those starts that makes me want to cry with gratitude at how God loves me and carries on with watching how he loves others. Protects.   And everything feels fragile and overwhelming. And I’ve watched myself just be stunned and lost and speaking words that are filled with gratitude. And some not so helpful. 

But God. He doesn’t let go. Ever. Ever. He gives glimpses of where I’ve been and how in that time, it was dark, lonely, confusing, aching, but He was and still is working everything out for good. 

And I’m holding on to that tight today. And everyday until I see light. 


2 thoughts on “2/2/18

  1. After some dark times, I’m spending a lot of time overwhelmed these days at the way God watches over me!

    Hang in there! He always works everything out for our good and for His glory!
    (I’m behind you this week)

    • I’m glad I’m not the only overwhelmed lately at how God cares! ❤️

      And thank you for the reminder! I can’t wait to see how He works something out coming this next week! ☺️

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