Day 65



We can be forevermore –

You can make my heart better,

because when I see Your love

I open – a rose in bloom. Though the 

thorn may make 

my side ache from all the hurt

I’ve caused, it’s the shovel You take with

a look on Your face,

never angry, rather concern:

I buried all your grief, anger, once you 

asked Me to take it.


RIP. Before. 

And now, we 

are here, thick as thieves, except I don’t 

have to steal your

love – for I am lost in Your midnight 

serenade where You sing, daughter, 

let Me see you 

dance to the beat of your own. For you were 

once lost in the world, but I found you. I 

wrapped you in my heart never to let go. 

You are better 


Day 66



I lay on the couch and look at the sun. I tell You the pain You know so well: I’m afraid I’m too much. And the tears come gentle and slow, because I’m afraid of breaking before her. Letting everything fall with the rain. Will she look at me with wide eyes wanting to fix me? Or will she embrace me? And this is where I have to trust You. 

But like Kristene DiMarco’s song Take Courage says: You are in the waiting. 

So I shall wait and see Your goodness in the land of the living. 

Thank You for Your always open ears, Lord. It is a comfort even if You don’t answer immediately. You are the God who sees & hears me. You redeem all things. 


Your tender haired girl 


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