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My friend, Megan is looking for someone who can help draw pictures for her comic book…if interested send a message her way.☺️

Hey guys! So! I’m gonna throw this out there, and you don’t have to respond, but I hope this gets me a good answer! I’m looking for someone who draws very well, and would be interested in drawing for my comic book/perhaps graphic novella? I don’t think the person I asked beforehand is going to be […]

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with You, I am a child

i sit here
and wonder if
I can celebrate
the fact I drew
a lion’s face.
I keep going
over & over
the fur & face
as if maybe with
a little more effort,
I can make it perfect
for you. Abba, remember
when I was young, drawing
flower after flower with less
life than I knew was out there?
I wanted to make someone
happy * now when I’m alone

fmf prompt: celebrate. So I’ve been drawing this today:


I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean I drew a lion’s face, compared to all the doodles (flowers and stars) I drew when I was young. Throughout this whole thing, I’ve been like, GOD, IT’S A LION’S FACE!! EEEE! YES! why does it look so much better from far away?! I shouldn’t have done the outline in pen, even if I see the lines better..should have made the box bigger..

“Do you know what I see?” I hear in the back of my head, as I behold the mess of cray lines.

Process. I should celebrate the fact it looks like a lion…and forget perfection.

I went out of the comfort zone again& came out with this.

And while I’m all: I need to make it better! God is all: we spent more quality time together.

I always forget that’s what I really, really want. Because I felt this cool rush in my spirit, every time I said: IT’S A LION!! And was the best feeling.