Amiss A Week A Month


I sit in front of you,

watching sparks peel

away, carried to the bottom

of my blues. Not my eyes,

but workout pants. I did not

workout in the traditional way.

No walking, jogging, or running.

I sat on a rocking chair, leaves

blown by breath to join cloistered



What I am told,

no sung, I am worth

more than. Today,

these leaves communed,

hushed to the ground as I

smiled and laughed childishly

with a distanced friend over Jesus

being a ghost. He’s as the real

as your flame warming the pain

down within my belly. I can’t look

at you seeing fury. I can only wonder

if Moses taking off his shoes

on holy ground, slackened

his muscles as my joy falling

prey to your dying wishes.

Blush Me In Love

Come with this wind

delighting my nostrils

with sweet banana bread

baking inside a people empty


I am front row seated in this light

I never knew I spent energy chasing,

when all You’ve asked me:

Won’t you choose life by sitting still,

knowing I have best intention for


I reply the same each time: I must

prove I am ready. I am capable

big, rather than small. Please let me

show money payers I am more than

they think. Sure, I am quiet, angered

a time or two by way of objecting

You, the river who won the west.




Many people reject a loving Father

spreading our punishment over

these four corners of the earth.

A letter halved, then quartered

four square pieces torn,

dandelion petals plucked

and gently blown our unexpected

direction: I forgive you, child.

No matter how many whispers

You trade with me as leaves falls,

my heart beats a question

You tarry no answer:

Will You continue saving

my shaking feet moving toward

another unknown I could again fall


Leaves fly above above

my incessant head,

laughing deep reds

I imagine hold no embrassment.