An update, a request for help and an offer for you

Help a fellow writer out.:) Her art is awesome, too.

Sapphire Life Writer

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Hey all,

There have been a few changes in my life lately. Some good, some not so good.

Some of you may know that my laptop is dying and is pretty near unusable. It’s been playing up since the end of last year, and for the last month I’ve hardly opened it because it won’t work.

I’ve been posting occasionally when I get the chance from the computer at work but I’m unable to do much writing/blogging and haven’t been able to work on my latest book project.

Added to this, I moved house in the last month. Over the summer holidays I had a chance to reassess a few things and I realised I needed to move back home for my health. Anxiety has flared up again and I’ve reached a state where I’m in constant panic mode.

My chest feels tight, my heart races, and…

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