Let’s Go Back, Dear

Let’s go back to calling everybody “Dear.” Write everyone letters addressing them as close-to-our-hearts. Let them hold our words in their hands And be encouraged. Let’s go back to holding doors open for each other, No matter how far they lag behind. We’ll bring people with us As we walk into the world ahead. Let’s […]

via Let’s Go Back, Dear — Meg Lynch


when i did nothing at all

after 2 a.m.
i read how
Ezekiel ate
a scroll full
of woe. i’ve
eaten mourning
& lament through
separation of earthly
love—i couldn’t tell
you whether honey
filled my belly because
sorrow is a soggy salty
pretzel that sits heavy
after consumption.
sitting in the dark,
think of how God
promises this prophet
obstinance i know is real
with within me. he tells
Ezekiel, i am sending you
to a rebellious people—
say to them: this is what
the Sovereign Lord says,
turn from the wind & look
up, up, up beyond the cloud,
repent for the kingdom is all
around. Lord, hear this confession:
my forehead is as hard as stone,
my feet lead, for when I feel a breeze
I think another country, Africa maybe.
England. France will fulfill my longing.
but then as You move right in front of me,
I am blind—when my father hugs me
goodbye & instead of rejoicing for
what has never been a regularity,
I try comprehending Your majesty.

Don’t Wean Me Off


Quiet. Arms open wide.

My mother’s voice wraps compassion

around my pleading.

Yes, Sompingme? Her arms encircle

her child’s constant needing.

Rocking back & forth comes

innocent declaration.

I want to stay this way.

Forever & ever & ever. 

She promises without hesitation.

This twenty-four year old

adult hugs tighter, silent please,

prayer mother’s touch stay unrelenting.

Author’s Note: I love you, Mom. Your hugs mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for always letting me linger in them when life is a mess or joyous. I couldn’t ask for a better Sompingit. ❤