in confession

David said,
wait (here?)
passionately for
the Lord.

in the aftermath
of my sin—the one
that is heavy darkness
in my chest.

God, I was pulled
under. let imaginative
lust sink me. I cried
finding my breath


fmf prompt: here. I can’t believe it’s already  Friday. I keep thinking we’re at the end of August when it’s only the beginning. Oh it’s been a long week. I miss sleep.  Hearing voices in your head that wake you up at night is disturbing. Especially when they sound like they’re crying..Satan is coming harder with the temptation and I keep falling and crying to God.

I understand now what Paul said being in want & being content & he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength. It’s something to still be able to type and draw and read (and retain what I’ve been reading..) He’s doing it all for me because I feel I’m walking in another planet. Maybe the non-existent Pluto.


I cannot hush
my heart busy skipping
beats for memories past.

It was not in love,
but fear clanging
drum lines against my tensed ribs.

I have not dipped down
sin’s tempting line:
who cares if the Son’s watching?
It’s not as if He’s helping right now,
come on.

I am looking up,
the light encompassing
my trembling frame.

Perfect love
casts out fear
expecting punishment.

God, this is not then.
Quiet me in Your love,
shepherding my thoughts, joyous
in the truth of Your right handed protection from falling out.