Day 108



I can’t get last weekend 

out of my head, my heart. 

The way she came inside 

& within 5 minutes we are 

laughing outside as a branch 

falls out of the tree – & we are 

in the car on the way to a mystery 

restraint – restaurant. 

The laughter & jokes are flying 

as the sun flys in my eyes, looking for a 

song. Or the way

she looked me dead in the eyes 

late the next morning or early &

says, I’m in this. I want to stare so long 

because I see You looking back at me – so 


gentle, sincere. Am I really that 

afraid of being left behind? Yes, 


fmf: way




Day 91


I keep thinking of 

the disciples, the 

weight of sorrow 

I feel on this Saturday 

(Sadderday). Walking 

back together, these 

disciples, friends hope 

for Your redeeming power,

saving. You meet them on 

this road & they don’t even 

know it’s You. You ask, what 

are you talking about? but their 

down turned faces could tell You. Still, 

You want to know. 

You come alongside them in

their sorrow, grief too heavy. 

They tell You they thought Jesus was the 

Messiah, but 

after three days, there is still 

no sight of You. 

Lord, it is me,

sitting here & 

saying, I can’t 

see You. Though 

I’m sure I saw You

in his smile & almost 

twinkle in his eyes

down to his smile.

The joy because he 

knows I have a sweet 

tooth & a love of chai. 

How can tears still find 

me, missing her from a

book about butterflies,

or the Polish hamburgers/

cabbage & noodles? Or the

friend coming to mind again 

after accidentally stumbling

upon a glitter bomb, imagining 

the laughter? – the

ache even though I know 

tomorrow celebrates You 

coming to redeem, call me

Your beloved, to Your side.

Us all.

But today, Lord –

I’m tired. I am weary. 

Things I’ve said yesterday 

& spoke aloud to You today,

makes me think You have all

right to look away, leave me 

in the dark, but still I sit & listen 

to these songs, about your faithfulness, 

that You are here –

even if You haven’t given me 

what I want, You are still good. 

Surround me in Your shelter,

kindness yet again. 

I’m trusting, You, Lord,

& if You disappear from 

view again, let me remember 

the burning of my heart as You

whisper, I’m still with you. O my 

child, I’m still with you. 

It’s true. 


Your tender haired girl 



Day 72



I know right now I could sit here and twiddle my thumbs and worry —so tempting— but I’m going to sit here and worship You instead. You are healer. You are comfort. You are hope. You are restoration. You are redeemer. You are sovereign—You got all this under control. Thank You for the doughnuts and coffee this morning that I am still savoring. Thank You for the friends You’ve put in my life—I’m so thankful they will pray and let me dispel any fear and share my heart. Thank You for Kristene Dimarco’s song, Fear Not. You know it’s on a loop right now. I’m kind of surprised Spotify hasn’t gone to commercial yet. Hahaha.

When the questions start arising
Keep your eyes fixed straight ahead
Hold on tightly to the promise
Hold firmly to the truth,
That I love you,
Oh, I love you.

Show me Your face today—the love that captivates me. Holds me. Reassures me.


Day 73



This is hard. It hurts. This feeling I’m not enough. Shut out. Shut down. And once again, I feel the hurry of this world—the peace that this world gives when you have results. Your presence, Lord. Your eyes. Your face. Maybe that’s why I want keep Kristene Dimarco’s music yesterday & today, because I need the refuge and I keep hearing You.

My heart is set on Your face,
Now open these eyes to see.

You’re the best believer in me.
Let it be so, Lord. Let me see.


Your tender haired girl.


PS. Thank You for Sarah – for her telling me I’m so very loved and to never forget it. And the venti java chip (I love the coffee-ness over flat out chocolate) from her. I love that she never minds. It’s like she delights in it. Thank You for showing in writing an email to Trisha, writing is something You have called me to. Thank You for the Skit Guys-Fully Human, Fully God–helps me see You understand the fear, the anger, the sorrow. Thank You for holding my family. together. And me. Thank You for being before all things, in all things & hold ALL things together.

A Letter for the Days When You Feel Insecure — Trisha Mugo

You’re wondering how your faith dissipated so quickly and why you find yourself mired by constant self-doubt. I want you to remember this. You are called. You are capable. You are loved. So you’ve lost a week or so. Don’t lose the whole year! Remember: “Quick down, quick up.” Brush yourself off. Get back up.…

via A Letter for the Days When You Feel Insecure — Trisha Mugo

This is really, really good stuff.  Called. Capable. Loved. 🙋



Day 59



I surrender 

to the melody,

to the words You speak.

You make no mistake.

I am worth more than gold

to You. My beloved. My friend. 

Come again now & reassure 

my heart: these ashes will find 

new blooms. I will find my voice, my 

laughter, redemption in You. You are 

making me new,

loving me through the doubt to

sing / I love you. 
Your tender haired girl. 

fmf: surrender. 



Day 38


Like a skin,

the light of Your love 

shines in. God, it’s as if

You have a flashlight to

look inside my heart. I can

almost hear Your whisper,

what makes you so afraid?

I will be left alone, forgotten,

abandoned. I will have to work

for approval when deep inside

I feel a child in the dark. I know 

You want me to have my eyes

open wide. The love comes, God, and it is 

a gentle touch.

I’m here, child. I’m here. I’m here. 

Say it again. 

Every battle–

this one where all

I see is broken within 

& without, You see more

than I am at this moment –

You fight. Reprise my joy

again. Let me find you here

in the morning where I see today, Your 

kindness shining bright. Right in my eyes 

with the sun, the cat across the table laying there. This tea.

The warmth. Ellie Holcomb coming 

through these new headphones aptly 

named, IJOY. 

You are doing something. Your joy my 

portion and my strength. 

One thing I know: I feel You

are going to tell me You are loved over 

and over again.

It looks beautiful and always wins. It 

makes me grateful.

You are the someone who will

not let me go. You are my success. You 

are going to come right on time. You will. 

You are here right now. Hold me still. 

Rest me in Your songs of deliverance 


Your tender haired girl 


“He will send from heaven and save me from the slanders and reproaches of him who would trample me down or swallow me up, and He will put him to shame. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! God will send forth His mercy and loving-kindness and His truth and faithfulness.”‭‭Psalm‬ ‭57:3 AMPC

I really like this verse in this version a lot. Save me from reproaches and the  slanders.  Not that I didn’t feel them earlier because as he was leaving, he kept saying to do something new. besides sit here with you. I don’t want to. I have no desire to. I don’t like that I don’t feel well either. Just gross. Tired. But maybe a 5 minute walk. I really want time with a friend. Actually I don’t, but maybe it will do some good too. Send forth your mercy and lovingkindness. Please and thank you. 

Previous letter here. 



Day 36



Let my soul 

feel a thrill of hope

of You coming to be

with me. Your joy filling 

my heart, praise rising 

to the top, spilling over

& out. Let fighting words

come: I will be still & know 

You are God. You will be exalted

over all the earth. You are making me 

new. You fight 

for me as I am still. You are 

faithful and true. I was fearfully

& wonderfully made in my mother’s 

womb. Your plans for 

me are for peace, not disaster. You can 

lift up my head, letting

comfort bring healing to me.

Bless you, child. Listen close 

to my healing song for you. Let

Me calm every fear. I will hold You to my 

chest. You can rest. 

Hear me whisper: I want to keep my eyes 

on You, be free.

Let love be the loudest voice 

to turn me from fear, condemnation. We 

will feast 

in the house of Zion one day, Lord. A 

table spread with corn 

& bread & asparagus & maybe 

a river of Nesquik will be fresh beyond 

the table. You will take 

a cup to draw me glass, place the 

chocolaty goodness before me. I will look 

at You with a smile saying, You are 

wonderful. Not just because of the glass 

of delight, but how You are longing to 

share it with me anyhow. No special 

occasion, but because you want to be with 

me, Emmanuel. 

I place my hope Christmas will

remind me. 

Be near me. 


Your tender haired girl 

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